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Premier English Education GnB English Education Co.,Ltd.

Welcome to the GnB Education Company website.
It is the mission of GnB English schools to develop a teaching method for students living in a non-English speaking country that would provide effective English education.

We have developed our English study methods based on experience in the field for over,15 years. Their effect has been confirmed through a series of pilot tests. Parents were amazed to receive excellent results through the [Thought Unit]and [Connective Questions] program. These results spread quickly by word of mouth. In 2006, over three hundred thousand students were enrolled and studying with the GnB study program. Despite the fact that the program had only been running for two years, students quickly became interested in studying English and became confident in their English abilities.

GnB Education Co., Ltd. specializes in offering an effective English study system and the best conditions for studying English. Also, the company tries to offer its members a promising future by giving teachers the opportunity to develop careers, and by giving principals success in the Education Industry.
Finally, GnB promises to do its best to be a genuine company with a mission as an educator first in all aspects of the industry.

We hope that you are able to understand GnB English schools, their methodology, and get information about GnB company through this website. This site will be updated continuously to give you all the information you need.

Thank you.