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Distribution Center

Distribution Center

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A bird's eye view

A bird's eye view

Quick Response at Customers Request

Items are shipped quickly using an automated picking and network information system that is prepared for increasing demands; including high frequency and J.I.T. (Just In Time).

The Distribution Information System

  • 1) OMS (Order Management System)
  • * Flow
  •  Campus : order placement → Regional office : order processing and confirmation →
     Headquarters : shipping and stock management based on processed orders
  • * Advantage
  •  The online ordering system deals with orders promptly and manages data efficiently.
  • 2) DPS (Digital Picking System)
  • * concept
  •  When data is input into the computer, a red lamp on a digital indicator attached to a shelf is turned on
     at the same time.
  •  When a button is pushed, the picking quantity is displayed. After picking, the information is input into
     the computer automatically.
  • * Advantages of D.P.S.
  •  Loss of time during picking is prevented
     Picking errors by misunderstanding slips are prevented
     A picking slip is unnecessary
Status of Scale and Facilities


  1. Plottage : 9,806,00㎡)
  2. Building Area : 3,496,64㎡
  3. Gross Area : 4,461,16 ㎡
Storage Facilities

Storage Facilities

  1. Pallet Rack
  2. Sliding & Light Duty Rack
  3. Zoned Free Location System
Picking Transportation Facilities

Picking Transportation Facilities

  1. Digital Picking System
  2. Roller Conveyor : 60.8m
Other facilities

Other facilities

  1. electric forklifts : loading
  2. VNA : picking
  3. automatic constriction packers : product packing
  4. automatic bending machines : box packing

Loading for Arrival

Incoming products are examined and sent to a storage room. The results are shared between the distribution center and head office.


Multi-level loading on the pallet rack by frequency of warehousing and delivery. We are improving
storage function by applying the Free Location System.

Distribution Processing

Devising a work plan using a process control technique, such as assembly and packing

Checking, Classifying, and Preparing for Shipping

The final check before shipping to raise better service and image for customers

Order Picking

Picking products from a storage room on the basis of an order.
Designing a moving line as short as possible to raise the efficiency of order picking.
Efficiency of Layout combining a Sliding Rack and Light Duty Rack.

Bar code scan prior to shipment

Bar code accuracy is used to prevent filling mistakes on orders.

Packing, Shipping, Delivery